Fidia Docs


Welcome to Fidia documentation library, a steadily growing collection of guides and documentation about Fidia.


Fidia is a suite of tools for creators to showcase, grow and monetize their creative works—all in one place.
With Fidia, creators can do the following;
  • Create a one-page website to showcase their works, grow and get paid without writing code.
  • Create payment links that enable them to accept tips and donations from their audience/fans.
  • Sell digital products and get paid faster without needing a complicated e-commerce website.
  • Send and receive cash tips instantly with their Fidia username for free.


It's completely free to get started on Fidia. We only make money when creators make money by receiving a small percentage plus an industry-standard rate for payment processing fees once you start earning. You can find out more about our pricing here.


Fidia is currently available in Nigeria, but we plan to expand it to other countries very soon. Our mission is to improve and support the creator economy in Africa by building tools and platforms for creators to showcase, grow and monetize their creativity.
Last modified 9mo ago