Fidia Docs
Welcome to Fidia documentation library, a steadily growing collection of guides and documentation about Fidia.


Fidia enables creators in Africa to receive payments, sell digital products and accept membership subscriptions from their audience.
With Fidia, creatives can do the following;
  • Create a payment page(s) that helps them receive support from their audience/fans.
  • Create a profile for their creative works.
  • Communicate effectively with their diverse audience using our easy and customized mailing list/membership subscriptions.
  • Sell digital products.


It’s completely free to get started on Fidia. We only make money when creatives do by receiving a small percentage once you start earning, plus an industry-standard rate for payments processing fee from your fans. You can learn more about our pricing here.


Fidia is currently available in Nigeria but we will be rolling it out to other countries in the coming months. Our vision is to improve and support the creator’s economy in Africa by building tools, platforms, and communities for creatives to grow, succeed and monetize their creativity.
Last modified 4mo ago