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Why 24 hours before withdrawal?

Why you must wait 24 hours before withdrawing newly deposited funds from your Fidia wallet.
A typical scenario is when your Fidia wallet is funded and you try to withdraw funds right away, only to be restricted and informed that your funds can only be withdrawn after 24 hours. This article adequately addresses this restriction because we understand that every user wants to be able to withdraw money immediately after it is sent from any account or wallet.​

Why 24 hours?​

The infrastructure on which financial institutions are built has some limitations that require varying amounts of time before full access to the money is granted. The time constraints for funding a customer or users differ depending on the location of the transaction and whether it is local or international. Flutterwave refers to this process as the Settlement Schedule, and the Fidia platform is built on Flutterwave's payment infrastructure.​ In a blog post published by Flutterwave, the settlement was described as follows:
Settlement is a process whereby money collected on your behalf is delivered to your Primary Bank Account or Flutterwave Wallet. Once you receive payments into your Flutterwave account and it appears in your Ledger Balance, your funds are automatically settled to you within 1 – 5 business days depending on the settlement schedule.​
When you receive payments within Nigeria, it is expected that your funds, which are already in your wallet, will be available for withdrawal within 24 hours. International payments, on the other hand, typically take 1-5 days from the time the transaction is initiated.​
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