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An Introduction to Fidia Creator Profile.
Creator Profile enables creative professionals across Africa can have an online portfolio to showcase their works, connect with other creatives, get support/tips from their fans who love their works, accept work requests from potential clients and lots more.
Creator Profile Benefits
Setting up your creator profile on Fidia gives you access to do the following;
  • Create a free portfolio: Showcase your creative works with a simple and free portfolio on Fidia.
  • Connect with other creatives: Follow and connect with other creators to get your creative works noticed globally.
  • Get support and job offers: Easily get support from your fans and work request from clients directly on your profile without any hindrances.
  • Comprehensive analytics & insights: Keep track of your portfolio performance, location of the visitors and traffic sources.
Getting Started
  • Setup your profile: Sign in to your account, choose a username, craft a bio and add social links to start showcasing your projects.
  • Add your projects: Upload unlimited images, videos, GIFs, WIP in high-res and we take care of the rest.
  • Share your projects: Publish your projects to the web and share the link with anyone.
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