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Google Analytics

How to add your Google Analytics tracking code to Fidia in order to send page visitor data to your Google Analytics account.
To connect your Google Analytics with Fidia, follow the steps highlighted below;
Step 1
  • Create an account on Google Analytics: If you already have an Analytics account, you can move to create a property.
  • Create a property: In Admin, look at the Account column to make sure that you've selected the right account. Then, in the Property column, click Create Property. Enter a name for the property (e.g. "My Business, Inc. website"), select the reporting time zone and currency and click Next to continue.
  • Provide information about your business by selecting others as the category and small as the business size. Click the first three checkboxes on why you intend to use Google Analytics.
  • Click Create to continue.
Step 2
  • Choose a platform: To set up a data stream to start collecting data, click on Web to choose it as your device platform.
  • Set up your web stream: Enter "" as the tracking website URL of your primary website, and "My Fidia Account Analytics" as the Stream name. Then, click Create Stream to continue.
  • The data stream will be created and proceed to copy the Measurement ID. This measurement ID is the code you will paste into Fidia.
Step 3
  • Sign in to your Fidia account. Navigate to the Integrations tab and click on Google Analytics to connect.
  • Paste the Measurement ID or Tracking ID of the data stream you created into the Google Analytics input field in Fidia.
  • Click on the Save button to continue and your analytics will be successfully integrated.
  • Now, all the analytics & insights related to your account on Fidia will be shown in a more comprehensive way on Google Analytics.