Fidia Docs

Creating a Payment Link

How to create a payment link on Fidia.
To create a payment link on Fidia, follow the steps highlighted below;
  • Navigate to the payment links tab and click on the new link button.
  • Enter the name you want to give to your payment link such as Support My Work, Buy Me A Pizza, Buy Me A Coffee etc. or anything you can think of.
  • Select what you want your fans to buy for you by choosing either Coffee or Pizza or pick another emoji of what exactly you want.
  • Enter the description for your payment link, this gives your fans a reason to support you.
  • Enter a fair amount in your currency for the item you want your fans to buy for you. Also, note that we make it easier for your fans to enter a custom amount they can afford when they want to support you through your payment links.
  • Enter a short and memorable URL for your payment link and click the create link button to proceed.
Now, you can start sharing your payment link with your fans to support you.
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