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Creating a Product Page

How to create a product page on Fidia.
To create a product page on Fidia, follow the steps highlighted below;
  • Navigate to the product pages tab and click on the + New Product button.
  • Enter the name of your product.
  • Enter the description for your product page, this allows you to explain more about your product.
  • Upload the cover image of your product.
  • Select the type of product you want to sell whether it's a file or a link that your customers can view after purchasing the product.
  • Upload your product files if you selected files as the product type or enter the URL if it is a redirect URL.
  • Select whether the product is paid or free. If it is paid, then enter the amount you want to sell it.
  • Enter a short and memorable URL for your payment link and click the Add Product button to proceed.
Now, you can start sharing your product page for your audience to buy.
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Product Catalog

A product catalog is a collection of all the digital product pages you've added to Fidia that can be easily shared on social media.
You can get to your product catalog page by going to the product pages tab and clicking on the link icon next to the title of the product page, or by visiting
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