Fidia Docs


An introduction to FIdia Product Pages.
Product Pages enable creators to easily create a product page to sell digital products such as eBooks, design files, templates, images, graphics/digital arts, tools presets/brushes, beats/sample packs, and so on and get paid faster without needing a complicated e-commerce website.
Why should you use Fidia Product Pages?
  • Sell anywhere: You can sell to your customers directly from your website, social media, blog, email, or anywhere else.
  • Unlimited products: You can add as many products as you want and get unlimited traffic to your product page for free.
  • Product Catalog: You can gain access to a collection of all your Fidia digital product pages that are associated with your account and can be easily added to your social media pages.
  • Embed buy button: For a seamless purchase and download, you can integrate your product page directly into your website.
How to get started?
  • Setup your account: Create an account on Fidia or log in if you already have an account, update your basic information and verify your bank account details to get paid.
  • Add your products: Easily upload your digital files and products for Fidia to host and set your price.
  • Start selling: Share your product page with customers/fans on social media and start getting paid instantly.