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How to get donations on Livestreams using Restream Studio and Fidia.
Restream Studio provides an easy way to broadcast professional live streams from your browser to multiple social platforms at once.
In this guide, you will learn how to get donations on your live streams using captions on Restream Studio with Fidia payment links.
Create a payment link on Fidia and copy the payment link which will be needed to set up the caption on Restream Studio.
Setting up a Caption with Fidia payment link on Restream Studio
  • Login to your Restream account or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Select the stream with Studio option to get started.
Select the stream with Studio option to get started.
  • Navigate to the Caption tab to add a new caption as a text banner to your stream in order to show your audience the payment link you created on Fidia.
Create a new caption
  • Create a new caption by entering the primary text as the title of the payment link you created and paste the payment link URL as the secondary text.
After creating the caption, hover on the caption to display it on the stream window.
  • Add your stream destination and Go live 🚀
This is how your Fidia payment link will appear in the caption, and your fans can support your stream by typing the payment link into their browser.
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